In 2010, my kid is going to suck it up, and choke it down.  Will he surprise himself and find some new favorites?  Or will this be the longest year ever?

The Ground Rules:

  • We’re not resorting to tricky recipes.  We’re going to prepare the fruits or vegetables in a dish that features the item in question as a main component.
  • We’re going to give each item a fair shake – tasting it raw (if appropriate) and cooked in a couple of ways.  If after three tests, he can’t stand it, we’ll feed it to the seven-year-old and move on.
  • We’ll be purchasing local, organic, in-season vegetables and fruits as often as possible.  This means visiting some of our fantastic farmer’s markets as well as investigating some of our local CSAs.
  • We’ll also be doing some container gardening (at The Boy’s request) to try our hand at growing some crops of our own – but I will say right now that I have a black thumb, so I’m not sure what we can expect to happen.
  • We’re going to make this a family adventure.  From exploring markets to scouting out recipes, we’re all in this together.

So, who are we?

I’m Jenny Lauck.  I’m a 37-year-old work-at-home mom in Sonoma County, CA.  In high school and into my 20s, I became a vegetarian for kicks.  I eliminated meat, however, most of my diet during that period was based on grains or breads, with lots of cheese.  To this day, I like vegetables and fruits, but I’m just not very adventurous with trying new preparations or varieties.  I’m back to eating meat after my first pregnancy brought on intense cravings for chicken and hamburgers, but meat is an accent item, rather than the main event in most of our dinners.

My day job as a producer for the BlogHerAds Network keeps me hopping, working with a vibrant community of (mostly) female bloggers from all over the world.  I’ve chronicled our day-to-day family adventures at Three Kid Circus since 2004.

I’ve been married to my hilarious husband for eleven years. He’s willing to eat anything, but like me, isn’t much of a gourmet. His favorite meal is canned chili over rice, followed closely by macaroni and cheese with hot dogs cut up in it.


This is The Boy.  He’s a nine-year-old fourth grader who loves dinosaurs, Pokemon and playing piano.  He’s not promising to be pleasant if this turns out ugly.  He enjoys soccer and baseball and is one seriously funny kid.

Thanksgiving 2009This is the Chef.  She’s a ten-year-old fifth grader who is an artist, an avid reader, and loves to help out in the kitchen.  She also went through a picky phase, but moved through it, and is eager to explore new flavors and textures.

All She Wants for Christmas

This is the Sous Chef.  She’s a seven-year-old first grader who will eat pretty much anything – especially fruits and veggies.  At least we know that one member of the family will enjoy the spoils of the project.

Let the fun begin!

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