Corn Fritters

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her fourth fritterCorn is one of the few vegetables that The Boy will actually eat without too much drama. He prefers it on the cob with lots of butter, but with the Sous Chef’s teeth falling out like crazy, gnawing corn off the cob is pretty impossible. Add to the fact that I had purchased only four ears of corn for the five of us in a spectacular brain-fart at Trader Joe’s, and I went looking for a recipe that could keep everyone in the family happy.

Back in my vegetarian days, I was given a cookbook called Vegetarian Dishes from Around the World
by Rose Elliot. I think it was a gift from a long-time friend who went vegetarian around the same time. Maybe it was her idea? Anyway, I’ve still got the book, and went looking for a quick and easy recipe for corn.

The recipe called for a can of corn, one egg, separated and two tablespoons of wheat flour, along with salt and pepper and some oil. You can’t get much simpler than that, right? Here’s what we did:


I cut the corn off of the cobs and dumped it in a bowl. To the corn, I added:

1 egg yolk (I put the whites in another bowl to whisk for the next step)

2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour

a few grinds of black pepper

a sprinkling of sea salt

Well, shoot. That looked kind of boring, so I chopped up some green onion and added that, too:

adding some green onion

I enlisted the help of The Boy to whisk the egg whites into soft peak stage foam. He did a great job, as you can see:

egg foam

Then he took this action shot of me folding in the egg whites. Woo! (You wanna fold them in gently so you don’t waste your whipping efforts.)

action shot

Seriously this was not that complicated, but The Boy grabbed the camera, so you get minute details of the process for this one. Who am I to stand in the way of Art?

The finished fritter batter. This seems extra corny, but maybe it is because I had four ears of corn? Whatever, I’m not complaining.

ready for the pan

Into the pan! We dropped tablespoons full of batter into shallow hot oil, and then stood way back, because the corn started popping after they started getting crisp.

frying them up

Incidentally, that’s the same pan I used for the stir fry. It’s so not a wok, but I pretended. It’s this one – pot and stand-in kettle bell all in one: Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned 5-Quart Chicken Fryer with Iron Cover

Ahem, where was I… ah yes. GET IN MAH BELLEH.

get in mah belleh

As soon as they came out of the oil onto a plate covered with a paper towel, I gave them a quick salting and let them cool just enough not to scald my fingers off before I started sneaking nibbles. Oh my gaaaaaah. These were tender but crunchy and so good.

indecisive on the corn frittersThe Boy was sort of confused by the whole finished product. He didn’t understand why we would mess with perfectly good corn, but he liked the fritters. He’s a fan. (Yay!)

The Chef, up above, totally bellied up to the kitchen island and joined me in my pre-getting ’em on the table snacking. This recipe made about 20 fritters, but we told everyone else that it only made 12.

The Sous Chef shows why we messed with perfectly good corn (aside from the fact that I can’t count to five.)

missing tooth means more room for fritters

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  1. Debbie says:

    Hi Jenny- I love this new blog! Great topic and your kids will get so much out of this — awesome!

  2. Jenny says:

    Thanks, Debbie!

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