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You try your best, but sometimes poo happens.

This is a sponsored post from 8th Continent and BlogHer.

BlogHer and 8th Continent asked me to share one of my many mommy-blunder moments in support of their new campaign that celebrates the real soul of motherhood: doing your best every day, and trying not to screw up too much. Can I get an amen?

Read on to hear about one of my hall-of-famers, and then share your own awesometastic parenting blunders in the comments for a chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card and a 6-month supply of 8th Continent products. Contest has ended! Winner announced soon :)

Ah, motherhood. From the moment you first lay eyes on your child, you are owned, heart and soul. And by owned? I mean PWNED.

There is (pretty much) nothing you won't attempt in order to earn a smile from your little tyrant. You'll find yourself frosting elaborate cupcakes and handcrafting color-coordinated decorations for a birthday party populated by kids who communicate like chimpanzees. You'll spontaneously break out into manic singing and dancing in order to quell a tantrum, no matter who is judging. And believe me, there's judging aplenty for a mom whose best just isn't cutting it that day.


You will stay up until midnight for a week straight to help create a science project. You will walk the halls in the early morning hours singing lullabies to teething monster children with profanities swapped in as lyrics.

You should get some sort of parenting badge for the first time you catch vomit in your hands.


Yes, for the love of your child, you'd attempt to climb Mt. Everest. The problem is that very few of us are actually equipped to climb Everest. Sure, you can hike up your yoga pants and haul that backpack full of snacks and toys all the way up to the dead zone. Moms know that once you get there, you're likely to realize you forgot an extra pair of big-boy underpants and you'll find yourself gasping for air while improvising a breechcloth with a hair scrunchy and a maxipad.

(For those of you who are trying to picture that particular fashion configuration, I'm sorry. For those of you who've lived it, I salute you.)

I've had some memorable mommy blunder moments over the years, but by far, the most hysterical was when I attempted to take my 18 month-old daughter and newborn son to the zoo:

Shortly after the birth of my second child, I ventured to the zoo for an outing with a friend. All was well until the baby had a diaper blowout of epic proportions, and my 18 month old took off for the playground while I was trying to change his diaper.

Crunch time. Baby with naked, poo-covered butt. Toddler heading for the hills. Stroller with purse and camera and video camera and enough supplies to survive a winter in the arctic plus run a triage unit in a major city hospital, resulting in a heavy load that required two hands to push.

Time's up. What do you do?

With a strangled aaaaaargh! I shouldered my month old son, slimy naked hiney displayed to God and Country, and abandoned the stroller as I sprinted after my fleeing, flapping daughter, who had the indecency to giggle and say "git you!" at me as I was closing in on her. In slow motion, I reached a hand out, and snagged her shoulder. I spun on my heel, long hair swinging in an arc, baby wailing, and toddler protesting. We made it back to the stroller and I held my daughter's torso snugly between my knees while I wrangled the baby in to a clean diaper.

And then I began to laugh and cry at the same time.

That was the transforming moment, when I went from normal woman to Evil Mommy. I'm thinking the time has come for me to design an outfit. Probably would be a good idea to stick with poo-brown, though, to save on dry cleaning.

8th Continent totally gets it - this whole mom gig. If you haven't seen their hilarious videos that feature some not-so-awesome mom moments, you've got to check them out. Here's just one example:

Nice Job, Mom. Indeed.

So, okay - let's hear it. Can you top my son's two-buns salute with bonus fleeing todder? Share your tale below for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card and a 6-month supply of 8th Continent products. Then, go share another tale or eight with my fellow BlogHer Reviewers - you've got 8 chances to win!

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I snapped the onesie over a nakey butt the other day. And then didn't discover that fact until I picked her up a couple of hours later.

My daughter was home sick from school staying alone for the first time. She kept calling and calling telling me she was freezing. I told her it was just a fever. Take some Tylenol and climb under the covers. I wasn't until night time when I realized we had a setback thermostat and it was like 55 degrees in the house all day.

Oh, which one do I choose.

We were babysitting my niece (6 mos old) and we were going to church...and we got everything loaded, and were backing out of the driveway when my 9 year old said "mom...where's the baby".....she was snoozing in her car seat...ON THE COUCH!!!!


Let me just say sarcasm is probably not the best parenting technique. I probably guaranteed permanent emotional damage (and will likely contribute at least the down payment on some counselor's new sportscar) recently with sarcasm.

Son: Mom, why do you always give Sissy the bigger half? You always give it to her first. And why does she always get to do everything and I get to do NOTHING?

Mom: Well honey, I love her more than I love you.


Not recommended.

That story was funny. Mine not so much. I overdosed my son for like 24 hours. Then I realized my mistake. He doesn't seem to be damaged, much.

As always Jenny, this post made me lol. Here's my fine mothering story.

We had been away from home for awhile and upon returning, my then 3 yr old was busy rearranging her stuff and settling back in. She was moving a little chair down the hallway when she suddenly stopped, put the chair down and said "Dammit. I peed in my pants!" Nice language I taught my kid, right?

I once packed an empty lunch box for DD to school. Boy I felt terribly guilty!

When my son was little maybe and we were doing the potty training thing, which of course ran on for years, I really thought he was doing so good. He would go all day and his pants would be dry. What I didn't know and found out through one of the neighbors was, he was not peeing his pants because he was just doing it outside while he was playing in the yard. I wanted to die, Kids!!!

Official rules said we could tweet the contest too so I tweeted for you!


This is about my sister who I love very much, but when her son was a baby and her daughter was 2 she lived on a lake with the house being on a small hill. She got the kids in the car, but forgot the baby's bottle. Hubby asleep in the house, she grabed the baby and went back inside to get the bottle. (this was before seat belts) Only to come outside to see the car rolling back down the drive way and across the gravel road and into the lake with her 2 year old standing in the drivers seat where she put the car into neuteral. Now all went well as it was a shallow beach area, but when she opened the car door to get her daughter out the lake went into her new car. My mother always told her not to leave a kid in the car, and I guess she had to live and learn. lololol


I tweeted your giveaway

I am very glad that I never had kids after reading all the things that can go wrong.
The ads are very good.
Thanks for the contest.

I breast fed my first son for only 3 months - it didn't go too well, so I started him on the bottle. He was almost 10 or 11 months old when I realized that the nipples for the bottles were sized by age....we never changed from the 3 month nipple, so the hole was really really small and the poor thing had to suck so gosh darn hard to get the milk and couldn't get it fast enough! I still feel like such an idiot for that one!

The choices abound.

Well, there was that one time I was putting my baby into his fleece snowsuit and I turned my back for a second to chase my 1yr old and 3yr old and when I turned back around, the baby had ROLLED OFF THE TABLE (and was unhurt, thankfully).

Yeah, that.

Heh. Nice.

BB was complaining of an upset tummy a few weeks ago. I thought he was just whining because he had asked for something and I said no. I told him that if he stopped crying, he'd feel better. So he did. And all was well for a bit. As we were walking into a restaurant to eat a quick bite before we went fishing as a family, he said it again. THAT time I told him that it was just because he was hungry as we were about 20 minutes later to eat than usual.

We sat down, ordered drinks and BB projectile vomitted all over: FireDad, the table, the booth, his clothes, HIS SHOES... everything.

Yeah. I ignored my kid who said he didn't feel well. Oops.

Not to funny, but I learned from it, was when my oldest son, who was a bit of a complainer, kept saying his foot hurt him. I had just gotten over surgery on my foot and we thought he was just looking for some attention. Turned out that he had broken his foot and we didn't know it for a couple of days. I was so embarrassed and felt like a terrible mom. He still teases me about this.

Very recently, I picked my two girls up from school. The younger (she's 3) was super-cranky from the get-go, and my patience level was just NOT THERE at all.

A few minutes after being in the car she started telling me her nose was bleeding and I glanced at her -- saw no sign of blood whatsoever. Her nose did seem a little runny. "You're fine," I told her flatly, and gave her a kleenex.

About halfway home, she really starts crying, shouting, "OH NO OH NO I'M BLEEDING" frantically, and I just barked, "Violet, you are FINE, YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN."

But then my oldest started making a frantic kind of noise so I finally look back to see that Violet was literally COVERED in blood. It was pouring out of her nose, splattered all over her clothes, the car seat -- there was even some on the door!

I immediately pulled over to try and calm her down while stopping the blood flow, while also calming down my older daughter who was saying over and over again, "Mama, I don't like what Violet is doing right now." What? Bleeding profusely from her nose? Me either!

I finally got it under control and the horror show taken care of, but I STILL feel like a first-class a-hole.

I made the mistake of thinking I could cut my little boy's hair - no problem. Well, it was a problem and poor guy had to live with it until it grew long enough to take to a hairdresser.
tvollowitz at aol dot com

When my daughter was 18 months she was tall and very active.

She got in the fridge when I was doing laundry and all I could hear was eggs hitting the floor.

I popped her bottom and proceeded to clean it up. as I cleaned it up she climbed over the baby gate and went up stairs.

All you could see was her backside in the linen closet and towels flying behind her.

I would pop her for that.. and as I cleaned it up and I would hear eggs...

She was a terror!

I have a problem with not paying attention to the weather reports. Seeing as the weather here in Michigan changes frequently, I look like a bad mom when I send my daughter to school in shorts and a short sleeve shirt when it ends up being a chilly 55 degree day.

I took my son to a winery when he was in diapers. I noticed a gross green liquid on the bar as we tasted wine and made a huge complaint. Only after we left, did I realize my son had been smearing his diaper contents on the bar.

Finding a small garden snake in my house, instead of getting out of there me and my two small children jumped on chairs until somecame!~

When my daughter was 4 she wanted to be a california raisin for Halloween. I made the costume out of trash bags stuffed with newspaper to give it the wrinkled look, tights and purple face paint. It was a cool night, but mu poor daughter was drenched in sweat an hour into trick or treating. The bags were too hot and she was sweating buckets. I ended up cutting trick or treating short and taking her home to dry off before she caught pneumonia from her wet hair and soaked clothing under the homemade suit. She was not happy with me to say the least and still reminds me whenever she can.

been thru it all- but the the latest my eldest son will not let me forget and its really not that bad- really..

we were shopping for work clothes- he is college btw and he said he has to go and I said do you have to go potty and a lady heard it- so what was wrong with that? He says I ask him do you have to go poopoo or potty- hey he will always be my baby

When I was 19 I was nannying for a rowdy three-year-old named Ben. One day I got upset with Ben for some reason or another and I yelled at him. Well, this upset Ben so badly that he ran and locked himself in the bathroom.

There are two things about this bathroom. Thing 1 - Ben was too short to switch the light on. And thing 2 - the door had one of those cylindrical locks that slides into a little hole. However, the part of the lock that you hold on to when locking and unlocking the door had a tendency to fall out.

This last thing is not a huge problem if the lights are on and you are an adult with fully functional motor skills. But poor Ben had neither of those things going for him. This bathroom also had no windows. So from the other side of the door I had to keep this terrified little guy calm while simultaneously giving him step-by-step instructions on how to fix the lock and unlock the door in totally darkness.

When he finally got it open he walked straight into my arms and gave me the biggest, sweatiest hug I've ever had. Ben and I made a deal after that. I wouldn't yell and he wouldn't lock himself in bathrooms.

I was babysitting my 2 year old grandson and was in the laundry room when he shut the door on me and turned the door lock, which is on the outside of the door. So there I was locked in the laundry room with a toddler alone in the house. I tried to get him to turn the lock the other way, but that didn't happen. So I went through the garage and around to the patio door and of course that was locked too. All the time my grandson is grinning at me through the glass door, thinking we were playing a game. All the doors and windows were locked so I finally went back to the garage and got a screwdriver and managed to jimmy the lock open.
It was very nerve racking for me, but my grandson had a blast.
eswright18 at


my embarrassing faux pas came when my son picked up the phone and yelled "MOM" making it last three sylables long. "It's Mrs. R."

Trust me if you knew Mrs. R you wouldn't want to talk to her either. I began making hand gestures and shaking my head. My son looked confused and I point to the door to get him to tell Mrs. R I was out."

Instead he got back on the phone and said, Mrs R Mom is waving and I think she is trying to go out"

Great. Just great.

My son caught me trying to get his tooth from under his pillow!

Age 4, my daughter was imitating a gymnastics move she saw on tv and fell. Started crying. I told her to suck it up. 2 days later she was literally carrying her arm around. Turns out she broke BOTH bones in her lower arm!

It is still to my extreme shame that I sent my child to school with some "healthy" sandwiches that made him sick. He hated them, threwn up and I was called to come get him. I got some looks from staff, sigh.

I left my son for the afternoon with my husband to go shopping. My son was in an all snap outfit. I forgot to tell my husband to change the outfit before nap time because my son likes to undress himself. When I got home, I checked on him, not only was he awake and the entire outfit was off, but he decided to remove his diaper too, since he had filled his pants. What a mess!

When I was a first time mom, (I have 4 now, so getting better with age), I sat my newborn son, who was in his car seat, on the table. I was in a rush and I made sure lights were out, cabinets were shut, and all the house was tidy. I rushed out, started the car and drove. I looked back in the rear view mirror to not see my son anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I left him on the table in his car seat! I turned around, darted in the door like a mad woman, and he was just looking around like everything was fine. After that, I never left my son again! leahforlove(at)aol(dot)com



I constantly mix up my sons' names. When I was a kid, my mother used to mix me up with my brother, which I thought I would never in a million years do.

Hot irons should not be left where toddlers can get them. Even if those toddlers are sound asleep and you really need a snack. Sigh.

My brain exploded with all the examples from my sordid past. I remember when my first son was still a baby and I took him to his two month appointment. I was changing his diaper in the doctor's office when all of a sudden a stream of pee shot into the air. I tried to contain it by shoving the unfurled diaper onto it, but instead it just redirected the pee right into his eyes.

I made my baby pee on his own face. Major. Fail.

When my son was small we put him in the stroller and my husband forgot to buckle him in, as he strolled of my son rolled right out onto the pavement landing on his face

So many bad mom moments...dropping him off at a Chuckie Cheese Birthday Party and going home. Once I got home, I discovered I left my 5 year old on the wrong day at Chuckie Cheeses!

I don't have biological kids of my own, but my fail with my nephew was smashing his little finger in the car door. UGH! I felt horrible and he didn't even suffer from a bruise.

rugerpuppies at hotmail dot com

Still remember being a young first time mother taking my adorable and fancily dressed baby girl to a friend's wedding
---in a vey small chapel
---on an really hot summer afternoon
Just as vows were being exchanged, the discomfort of an untimely upset stomach caused her to suddenly begin bellowing and then noisily overfill the capacities of her diaper. The tiny chapel was drenched in sound and stench before I could get my darling oozing mess down the aisle and out the door.

mine is a babysitting mishap. I was watching my niece who was 2 and she was getting on and off the couch. I kept my hand nearby in case she fell but she was fine. I went to get her a book and heard a thud. She fell off the couch and hit her head. I was so upset..she cried a little then forgot all about it. Just part of being a kid.

My daughter was barely 2 when we went out for breakfast in our Sunday best. When we arrived at the restaurant, we were told that there would be an hour wait. My daughter balled up her little fists and proclaimed, "G** Damn It". Needless to say, we cleaned up our language after that.


1st day of first grade and I forgot his lunch/money,he never lets me forget it!

I have a tummyache story to tell. Stomach flu + 2 kids in the car = I'll spare you the details. Cleaning it out, in a parking lot while on-lookers glance and cover their nose = priceless. lol.

I tweeted:

when my son was 3 months old i forgot to buckle him in his car seat so when i went to stop he fell out and on the floor of my car. i felt so bad that i couldnt stop crying but now i make sure there all buckled in safe.

We're not supposed to eat at the table but I enjoy reading the newspaper at breakfast so now my 4 yo son can't eat without his favorite book and whenever I bring it up he reminds me that I read at the table too.
rmartinclarke at gmail dot com

I washed at least three love letters my daughter has received from her boyfriend. For which I am now labeled the worst mom in the about taking them out of your pocket, dear one?

Of course my mouth gets me in trouble and one day I told my daughter to go tell her dad to clean his @#$@ up. Well she did word for word. I should have gotten soap for that one.

locking the baby in car while I can into the post office

I failed to see my son climb over the fence and climb up a 30 foot tree. I had no idea a 2 year old could do that. Makes me worry about fences for pools.

One of my parenting failures would be forgetting to strap my son into his car seat after putting him in. The whole ride he was crying and making a ruckus. Finally (about 2 miles later) I stopped at the destination and saw that he hadn't been buckled. Boy did I feel like a failure!

rsmstahley @ adelphia dot net

I forgot my little one had a half day at school and was not home when the but got there. They had to take him back to school.

I would hide little love notes in their pockets and lunches. One day some friends found them first, and teased them mercilessly. I had to promise not to do it again!

my daughter wanted to play soccer and i told her she was to young, my husband stepped in, and now she is playing on the college level

I locked my son in the car when he was about 18 months old and had no extra keys and spent 1/2 hour teaching him through the window trying to explain to him which button to push to open the door of the car, which he did finally figure out. I hugged him so hard when I opened that door and he looked at me like, "Huh? What's wrong?" He thought it was a fun game.


Thanks so much!

Last year my son received detention because I forgot to sign his progress report. I felt awful.

I was having lunch with some friends when I looked at my watch and realized I was half an hour late to pick up my son and his friend from school.

We got a new 4 man tube for water sports. We let the 9 year old 50 lbs kid get on by himself. It got picked up by the wind and went straight up in the air the length of the rope. We didn't get him back on the tube all summer.

When my now-14-year-old daughter was a baby (my first), I was trying to trim her fingernails, and snipped off a bit of skin, which bled only a drop or two, but she screamed like crazy. I freaked out, thinking she would get some kind of infection and put a drop of rubbing alcohol right on it. She screamed even louder, and I cried right along with her. Oh, those exciting days with a new baby!

My son skipped school one day, courtesy of mom, because I could have sworn he was off.

When my daughter was four she went sledding with her dad one late afternoon. They ran over something in the snow and came home because she was crying. We thought she was just over tired, so we gave her some tylenol and put her to bed. When she was still crying the next morning we took her to the doctor and found out she had a broken leg. We felt so guilty we didn't realize how badly she was hurt!


The worst moment so far was when my daughter rolled off the bed because I turned away for a split second

While on the way to daycare my daughter started complaining about her stomach hurting. Thinking she was just trying to get out of daycare, I kept driving. She puked all over the back seat. tesashel225 (@) aol (.com)

When my son was little he used to ask my why he had to take a bath every night,why couldn't he skip tonight ?
So I used to tell him that if he didn't he would stink.
Well one day we walked to a little country store just below our house to pick up a few odds and ends.

It was a really safe place and instead of walking in he wanted to stand on the sidewalk in the sunshine. and from where he stood I could see him perfectly from just inside the store so I let him.

He had always had trouble pronouncing certain letters such as J, S and T.

While he was standing there a man who had been doing yard work came up on the sidewalk and spoke to my son asking him if he needed anything from the store and my son replied "Oh Man you ninck, you ninck really bad." When I came out to take my sons hand the man was laughing and my son just kept repeating " You not take a bath last night. Man you ninck really bad" and wrinkling up his nose.

I tried to apologize but the man and I were both laughing too hard. Fortunately he looked at it through the eyes of my three year old and didn't take it as an insult.


sign me up

My worst fail was having a snowball fight with my family when my wife and daughter accidentally slipped and fell onto the ice. My daughter was crying hysterically, my wife yelling at me for being childish and insisting on going outside in the cold to play a silly game.

From then on the only winter activities we participate in are sledding and snowboarding.

pauleyd68 (at) yahoo (dot) com


When my daughter was in 1st grade, I accidently sent the dog poop sample bag (To be taken to the vet) with her to school instead of her lunch. Thank god I realized it before lunch hour. I ran to her school and quickly made the switch.
Thanks for the chance.

Before I had kids, I took my Christian firends kids to the movie "Cool World" because I thought it was for kids.
We had to leave after about 20 minute and YEP their mom found out! lol

My son was in circle time when he reached up his pant leg and pulled out a sock that had static clinged to the inside of his pants. He told his class, "usually my Mom leaves underwear around not socks."

When my daughter was about five, we took the kids and my in-laws to Yosemite Park. One daughter tended to get carsick, so when she said she didn't feel good, we pulled over and drug her out of the car. To this day, she tells everyone we just slowed down and threw her out of the car when she got sick!
CalifKitties (AT)

I forgot to take my son Kevin when my family went on a vacation during the holidays!! :>(

The other week my son, who is potty training, was standing in the back of our church. He suddenly spread his legs, reached through his pants and pulled aside his pull up, then peed in the brand new carpet at church. He then proudly announced that he had kept his Pullup dry. Luckily, I had brought extra pants but he had to go home barefoot. My Mom was kind enough to clean the carpet up.

My story's on the tamer side - I once turned my back for a split second to answer the phone, only to find my little one taking a tumble down a few (thankfully carpeted) steps. We were both in a state of momentary shock, but there was no harm done. I'm guessing there are many more fails to come, but at least now I know I'm not alone!

I tweeted:

I have 3 stepchildren --so sometimes not all the info is passed on to me--sometimes accidentally sometimes on purpose. Once when my son was about 5 I took him to Toys r us to pick out a toy as a present for a birthday party he was attending. He has 2 older sisters so we had gone through the same routine with them probably a dozen times--we would head over to the barbies and pick out a doll. The child's name is Darcy--which happens to be my name so when my son headed over to the barbies and picked out a barbie--I didn't see a problem. I wrapped the present in pink with a little ballerina on top and took him to the party. I met Darcy at the door "he" looked at the package and asked why there was a doll on his gift---I quickly apologized and explained I had just dropped his sister off at a party and we must have mixed up the presents. When I asked my son why he chose a Barbie--he replied because we were at the Barbie store --when I thought about it we had been there probably a dozen times--but for the girls and in this Toys r us--you walked in and the front corner was Barbie world --he had never seen the rest of the store--it even had it's own register. Can you imagine if I had just dropped him off (not that I would) and had let him give this boy a Barbie to unwrap ---aaaagh.

i was pregnant with my 2nd set of twins and my one of my 4 yr old twins point to and an overweight lady and say, wow mommy she has lotsa babies in her belly!!!

My husband and I were playing airplane with my then 5 month old daughter. I was jumping around and being silly and she was giggling so hard until my elbow hit her in the top of her head. She cried for so long and I felt so bad.
lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

not a mom can I enter? giveaway less than 5 seconds ago

I didn't take my almost 2 yr. old to the dr. after she broke her arm until the next day. My oldest daughter was caring her sister around, even though she was told not to, and dropped her. The baby cried for just a little while but seemed just fine. The next day she was trying to climb into a chair and cried when she put weight on her wrist. I take her to the dr. and sure enough, it's broke. I couldn't believe that I waited. Such a bad Mommy.

I have 3 yr old quadruplets & 2 of them are identical. I have introduced my identical boys wrong when looking at them from behind! Fabulous mommy moment! ;)

When my daughter had just learned to walk, my husband thought she came with me to answer the doorbell and I thought she stayed behind with him. She proceeded to fall down the two stairs into the foyer and bump her head on the tile floor. oops, and ouch.

It really is tough to censor one's words when one is with one's kids! It's amazing how much they pick up! And when they choose to say those words- they do find the most embarrassing times!! But I ususally just explain to people that it's awful the things these kids learn at school from their classmates, LOL!

Thanks for the giveaway!


I'm not a morning person and my kids were all early birds. One morning I heard screaming and woke to find that my son had been jumping on the sofa and fell and cut his head open on the edge of a table. Fast forward to getting 5 kids to the emergency room. Out of the car and getting the doors closed my oldest shut the car door on her fingers. Now I have two to see the ER doctor!

My son when he was two months old rolled off the bed and landed in the laundry basket. I have to say he is nine years old now and great at basketball.

I always cut my son's hair until one day I used the clipper and cut his bangs totally off by mistake. He looked like Jim Carey!

Patience isn't one of my virtues, so one day, I was sitting at a light with my son in his booster seat in the back. The light turned green, I was in a hurry, but the guy ahead of me didn't move. I said, "The light is green - GO!!!!" and never gave it another thought until 2 days later when my father was driving us somewhere and we were stopped at a light. The light turned green and my son said, "Gggee Lie - GO!" In other words, "Green light - Go!" I almost died because I knew why he was saying that, but everybody else thought it was hysterical, thinking it was from the "what do you do when the light turns green" song at school.

I tweeted

One of my mistakes was letting my ex hold my (4 mo) old daughter in the pool, without adding 'and don't let go of her' (d'uh, I didn't think I needed to say that!). He let go of her because he was playing with her hat, being silly, and under she went! Only for a second, but geez!!!
Is it any wonder she didn't want to put her head under the water for swimming lessons!?!

I was in a hurry and I used a mr. clean magic eraser on my son's cheek to get off some sharpie marker,... he was a little red for a few days (he didnt complain). I told my friend and she said "That's what I use to take paint off walls!??!"


thanks for sponsoring this.


When packing a lunch, I put in the apple, napkin, and then I got side-tracked. Well I forgot to finish and that's all my boy brought to school!

We were expecting company and told the kids that we had to really clean up well. When they arrived the kids quickly told them that they just cleaned up the house real good because they were coming.

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ardy22 at earthlink dot net

Driving to Ohio from Florida to visit family for Christmas vacation, we took all the presents with us. My son really wanted a PlayStation and had no idea he was getting one. On the way up, during the long drive, I was thinking about my grandma's neighbor who is great, and has great, but rough kids. I told my son, out of the blue, 'Be careful letting $*$*$ and $*$*$ play with your Playstation because they're pretty rough on toys.' Instant glee and a loud, 'YES!' alerted me to my big uh-oh. We still laugh about today and that was many years ago.

I have done the classic say a "naughty" word in front of my nephew after being cut off in traffic and of course he latched on to it immediately!


I was at my daughters elementary school waiting in line to pick her up and when I didn't see her after a while I realized that I was at the wrong school as she was in Junior High now. I was late picking up up which I blamed on the traffic.

I got my kids ready for school one day and we waited and waited for a bus that never came. I loaded them into the car and when we got to the school we realized it was a teachers professional day.... no school. My kids were pretty mad at me for waking them up when they could have slept in!