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2010 Lincoln MKT

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Lincoln.

BlogHer and Lincoln recently gave my family the opportunity to test drive the brand-spanking-new Lincoln MKT for a week. Although I had been a passenger in an MKT briefly (like, around the block) during last summer's visit to Ford's Taurus plant near Chicago, I was in a car full of women yelling things like WOOOOO! so I might have been a bit distracted. In any case, I was excited to get the chance to discover what the MKT was all about in some real world scenarios.

The morning they dropped her off, I immediately grabbed the camera:

MKT Review

I don't know what comes to your mind when you think of Lincoln, but in my mind, I used to think:

1970 Lincoln.jpg

The beauty sitting in my driveway caused quite a few head-turning reactions, and open disbelief from friends, neighbors and total strangers alike. To which I say I KNOW. Also, look! It IS a Lincoln.

MKT Review

We had an absolute blast discovering all the super-fun bells and whistles on the MKT - and this experience has opened up a whole new world of must-haves for our future next car. First of all - check this out - when walking back to the car after the school's winter concert, I hit the unlock button on the keyless remote, and the whole car glowed with welcoming, golden light.

MKT Review

That's the car equivalent of a puppy wagging its tail when you approach, and it made me very happy during the cold, rainy week we had with the MKT. Also, I know, we're switching from black and white to color with the photos now. Pretend you've just landed in Oz.

The interior was luxurious and comfortable for my entire family of five. Lincoln has packed in so many thoughtful features that I don't even know where to start.

MKT Review

The third row of seating is easily accessible with a few quick hand motions, and if you've ever had three squirrelly kids sandwiched into a bench seat, you'll know what I mean when I say that third row of seating can make all the difference between your sanity and wondering why your car doesn't have a sound-proofed barrier between the driver and passengers. Actually, okay, I still wondered about that. Lincoln, would you please consider adding a soundproofed barrier for us harried moms? Please?

MKT Review

In the interest of science, I climbed into that back seat, and can say that I fit comfortably enough, although my head was barely clearing the roof, and I'm just under 5' tall. There was adequate legroom for my little peanut legs, too, but I think a larger adult would probably not want to sit in this seat. That said, I believe that there are different seating configurations available, and perhaps one of the other versions would make this space more accommodating to a grown-up sized grown up.

MKT Review

The leather seats were scrumptious, and the console storage was epic. Everywhere you look in the MKT you can find handy pockets, recessed compartments and consoles that open up to reveal enough storage room to hide a small child. Okay, a really really small child. Alright, fine - a ton of DVDs, portable gaming systems, shin guards, books, you name it would fit in the compartments.
MKT Review

Even more exciting for the kids was the refrigerated compartment in between the two back rows. And no, we didn't let them eat or drink in the car, but man - what a nice feature to have, especially if you are like me and constantly on the go from school to soccer to baseball and home again. No more coolers to kick around on the floor, or eat up valuable trunk space.

Other awesome features include integrated sunscreens on passenger windows and heated/cooled seats. Seriously. My buns were all about that. I kept on cooking and chilling my hiney, to the point that it was a little excessive according to my husband, who was getting tired of having to touch my rear repeatedly while I insisted he "feel it now!"

MKT Review

The panoramic roof was also a huge hit. Man, with a few taps on a button, you could open the roof all the way up, which made me wish that it wasn't raining, so we could take a drive out at the redwoods or the coast or something. This car totally made us want to take a road trip.

MKT Review

But, since we were limited on time and weather, we decided to test out a couple of my other favorite features while heading out for some family fun.

The SYNC system rocks. Within minutes of the car being dropped off (whereupon I stood in my driveway and waved cheerfully to the cutie-patootie driver until he was out of site and then did a weird end-zone dance) I had managed to get my iPhone not only talking to the hands-free phone function, but had imported my contacts into the system - all without cords or plugs or drama. Not only that, but it effortlessly (and wirelessly!) picked up music from my iPhone - allowing us to rock out to tunes on demand.

MKT Review

Not only that, but you can totally talk to the system, and it understands what you want. I was able to get driving directions, change radio stations, change the temperature of the car, and guide my family into the closest In-N-Out Burger all without touching the screen.

MKT Review

Mmm. In-N-Out Burgers.

MKT Review

Okay, so then it was back in the car for more rockin' out. That's how we roll.

MKT Review

I'm one of those people who regularly runs over my trash can on the way out of the driveway because my husband thinks it is fun to put the can right behind my car. I can't see it back there, and I always forget to look. That's a pretty significant problem, don't you agree? Never mind that that is also about the height of a child on a bike, and the fact that we live in a busy neighborhood full of not so attentive kids and... let's just say that while the rear visibility through the windows of the MKT was initially frustrating, I quickly fell in love with the rear-view camera and warning system.

MKT Review

There's some sort of radar built into the car's sides, too, that allows the MKT to warn you (via your side mirrors lighting up) if a car is approaching from your right or left when you're trying to back out of a parking spot, and it is this same radar that allows the MKT to parallel park itself, perfectly, every single time.

I tried to make a video of it doing this, but it was basically me screaming with glee, so I'll spare you. But I will admit that I drove around for about an hour repeatedly parallel parking, and it never got old. Not even a little bit old. That is some super awesome fun technology.

Another thing that really impressed the heck out of me was the Adaptive Cruise Control feature. I'm a chicken with using cruise control. I like the idea of it, but I'm always worried that someone is going to pull in front of me, and I'll have to stop using it, and then restart it, and it's confusing and waaaah. So when I learned that the MKT actually senses the speed of the cars in front of you and adjusts your speed to maintain a safe distance, and then will readjust back to your set cruising speed as soon as it is safe to do so - well, sign me up for that. We

There are lots of other amazing features on the Lincoln MKT - a V6 engine that performs like a V8, state-of-the-art safety features right on down to rain-sensing windshield wipers (cool!) and headlights that turn in the same direction as your steering wheel to better light your way.

We spent a lot of time looking at each other and saying "Shut. Up." about the cool things the MKT could do. It totally changed the way I'll evaluate cars in the future, and I feel really lucky to have had the chance to have this extended test drive opportunity.

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I also am in love with the rear-view camera stuck somewhere on the back of the car. I have a friend whose car I was recently lucky enough to borrow and this feature just blew me away. The image was so clear! I could see everything! No more fears of running over a garbage can or bike left in my way. Brilliant!

My truck isn't spectacular in any way. My dream vehicle would have WiFi, GPS, Satellite Radio, and iPod hookup.

mattschmunk at hotmail dot com

My car isn't as high tech as that Lincoln, but I do love the GPS, bluetooth and ipod jack.

My car has a back up sensor, which is great (a back up camera would be better!) but it really makes me feel better about backing up in tight spots.

auto lock when shifting into drive is my favorite

The refrigerated compartment in between the two back rows and the heated/cooled seats are fantastic features I would want in my dream car!

I tweeted:

I blogged about this:

I love my integrated GPS. I NEVER would have chosen to have the package that includes it willingly, but it came with the car, which was the right price and I have to admit that it really is awesome and has saved my hiney a number of times. I like knowing that if all else fails, I can hit "HOME" and it will take me there.

I am in love with the idea of the cooler!

I love the back-up camera! It's such an important feature when you have kids around. It literally is a life-saver!

I drive an 8 year old mini-van with no bells or whistles, so I would be thrilled with any cool extras.

My VERY favorite thing in the car you drove - which, I am SO jealous, I adored that vehicle - was the Sync. That was amazing. the only piece of technology I have in my car is my SIRIUS radio and I love that.

AND I tweeted. @mttsm

Automatic parallel parking, although I'm totally afraid of it. (Yes, I fear change.)

I miss my heated seats in my van - a must for my next car for sure!

Oh, man I have been coveting this car for some time. I'm glad to hear that there is enough leg room in that 3rd row for my I LOVE the cooler, too. I need that for my crew!

In our Grand Caravan i LOVE the dual automatic sliding doors. It is SUCH a huge help when getting the quads in and out of the car. we also have stow n go seating. Not that we EVER stow our seats, but to have that extra storage space is a HUGE deal for our family of 6!!

jennyhasquads (at) yahoodotcom

I am LOVING the Ipod Interface on my 2010 Honda Pilot.

I like the backup cameras!

My car has standard cruise control, but I really like the sound of the adaptive control so I wouldn't have to keep turning it on & off when around traffic.

This is so dopey, but I love that when I turn on my car, the radio lights up and says "Hello." (Not out loud - it's written on the display. Out loud would freak me out.)

i can't wait til i have navigation in my car, but for now, I LOVE how my 3rd row seat in my Honda Minivan disappears into the floor-poof!

So, in my car(a Toyota 4Runner), there aren't a ton of bells and whistles, just your basic mid-size SUV, but I love that it tells me when my tires are low! Weird pick, but nice all the same. In a future car, I want it to be self-cleaning, inside and out. If ANY manufacturer ever makes this feature, I will be the fuy the first to buy that car.

Well, I drive a six-year-old Honda, so I guess my favorite technological thingy is the storage bin under the passenger seat that holds extra diapers and wipes.

First... totally jealous of In n Out. Sigh. None of that here in Iowa.

I test drove the Lincoln MKT at BlogHer and love, love, loved it. It has umph, comfy and tons of features.

The GPS in my current vehicle requires the purchase of a CD each year to update it. (At $150 a pop). The new vehicles utilize newer technology and integrate with iPods, etc. Totally cool to be able to on-the-fly find the nearest Starbucks. I want THAT in my next car.

I love my CD player :) It keeps my kids entertained...unfortunately my 6 discs are all for the kids!

I love sun roofs! I want one!

What a beautiful car!!! My car doesn't have many techy gadgets, but I do love my seat warmers and radio controls on my steering wheel :)

I like the moon-roof in my Hyundai but I'd really love a built-in GPS unit in dash. I'm constantly getting lost and that's something I could really use. One in the dash doesn't take up much room.



Yeah...the quadmobile mini that we own leaves MUCH to be desired. BUT I love my truck with the heated seats and remote start! Too bad you can't strap carseats in the bed, huh?!


I'd be lost (literally) without my navigation system!



My dream car is autopilot all the way.

I love my heated seats, but would love the features mentioned here!

My car doesn't have any bells and whistles, but my dream car would need to have the iPhone/iPod syncing capabilites. I yearn for the day that I can jam out to my iTunes while driving. LOL

I live in NYC, so no car for me! But, when I lived in Dallas, I loved the compass! Totally helps me when I'm lost.

In my DREAM CAR (because I have a crap, nothing car), I think the best technological feature would be the back-up camera. And as long as I'm able to dream, I'd love heated seats and the cool how-to-parallel park feature, too!

We have a 2002 Ford Explorer that has a back-up sensor.

I love the hybrid synergy drive in my Prius!

I am totally geeking on the Sync feature. My car was advanced 5+ years ago for being hard wired for iPod and I love the feature, but the MKT's ability to do it all without plugging anything in? Sold!

auto locks

I have a two year old, so my favorites are the sunroof - which my kiddo thinks he can operate by saying "Open Sesame!" - and the window locks, so he can't open the window by kicking the button!

I love all the seating in my Toyota Sienna. Most of all the 3rd seat I can take in and out of the 2nd row of seats for a grand total of 9 passengers! That makes it possible to fit our family of 5 and our best friends' family of 4 all in and comfortably in order to carpool to events!!

I'd love to have a back-up camera. My present car is old, but I can dream.

Well, since my car is 10 years old, it does not have any technology besides cruise control. I do like cruise for road trips but the adaptive cruise sounds great. Of course, I would love to have a moon/sun roof in my future car and the rear camera safety feature sounds cool.

Stupid, but you know what I couldn't live without?
Auto lock doors! I can't tell you how many times my preschooler has told me to lock his door so he doesn't fall out. Thanks Lexus.

I love my little outlet in the way-back of my Rondo - so handy for the movies.

My favorite feature would be the heated/cooled seats, GPS System, the ability to synch your music from your MP3 Player, leather seats, tinted windows, I would say probably everything that vehicle had.... Way Nice!!

Well considering my car is an Eclipse from 1998... ha... it's nice that I can't lock my doors when the key is in the ignition :)

My car's old but I love that radio.

I love my stick-shift

I really dig the refrigerated compartment between the kids in the 2nd row. That would be fantastic in any car with kids.

My favorite feature of my mini-van is the radio because I can crank it way up and drown out the screaming and fighting of my three offspring.

I love the speed control feature and the lane change notifier. Very cool options!

I left a comment on another blogger's site as well saying that I currently do not own a car. I have been busing it for 2 years now and I am weary from it. I long to shut the door, block out the wind and noise. Feel the heater warm my feet and turn on the radio to my favorite station. Then best of all, I long to go where I want, when I want.

I live in the city so I don't drive a car! If I had one though, I would love the GPS feature the most.


Seat warmers :)

I love this car! Whenever I see it on the heart does a pitter-patter! My car is 9 years old and I have no plans on getting rid of it......of course unless I was lucky enough to win this one!

I drive a Toyota Camry.....and the one thing that I absolutely love about this car is the Automatic Starter.....that was given as a Birthday gift four years ago.....and installed by my son. Everyday......I am thankful for it!

My favorite technological feature in my dream car would be a built-in 24 hour a day chauffeur. And a bathroom!

Tweeted giveaway -

I am driving a new car for the first time in 21 years - I just LOVE having dependable air conditioning!

I would love a rear camera it always makes me nervous the blind spots I have in my trucks!

We drive old cars that have few features I 'love' or couldn't do without. But with so many kids and a huge van, I would love to have a rear camera.

I currently drive a bicycle (I'm a law student in a bike town) so there's not much technology on my cruiser. I do have a handy basket for textbooks. =)

I'll be looking to buy a car after graduation and will check out the Lincoln line. I would LOVE GPS. OMG. And heated seats would be aaammmmmaaaaazing!

I love my CD player!!

My favorite thing to have as a feature in a car is the ability to talk on the phone without breaking the law or rules

Oh my , I'm not really a car person but I think I am in love !

My favoritest tech feature of a car -- any car -- is it not being gold. Does that count?

No? Because it mf'ing should.

A few years ago, before my husband was my husband, he picked out the kind of car he wanted. Then he searched for a used one until he got the make, model, mileage, and cost he wanted. The only problem was that it was gold. GOOOOLLLD. He decided GOLD was easy to overlook because of everything else.

WELL. Fast-forward a few years and now we're married and HIS car is safer than MY NON-GOLD CAR OF AWESOME and so guess who's stuck driving the pimp-mobile? ME.

I guess if "not-gold" isn't going to count as a technological feature, then I vote for the thing that tells you you're about to back over one of your four stupid cats would be nice.



My favorite technological feature in my dream car - Porsche Panemera - is the Porsche Communication Management system - which includes a navigation module with high-speed hard drive, a hig-resolution seven-inch touchscreen, voice-control system, a MP3 (iPod) -compatible CD/DVD drive, 42 radio memory presets and split-screen modes enabling two view two functions at once.

My current vehicle has no bells or whistles it just drives. My dream car has always been a Jaguar but after reading about this Lincoln my mind just might be changed. It sounds like a awesome automobile.

Wow I love the features in this car. I like the gps system since you can talk to it and it actually understands you. It makes it a lot easier than trying to press a bunch of buttons while your driving. I love the moon roof, that would be a hit for my children.

I am a huge fan of a car that rocks the GNR.

My dream car would have built in GPS up front for me so I wouldn't have to fight with the maps, and a dvd player in the back for the kids, so I wouldn't have to fight with them LOL

Also, air bags that actually are still charged would be nice.

Put it on Twitter!

The Lincoln MKT looks amazing!! The kids all look really excited too, love your pics. I like my car's DVD player, but I would LOVE a fridge in the car, that is such a cool feature! Thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway.


rear-view camera! I needed that the the other day when I had to keep yelling at my son to keep the balloons down!

I so want the SYNC system. I fell in love last summer.

I have a Sienna and LOVE the sliding back door. I wish they both slid.

I love my remote start! I'm sure they had the cold people in NE Montana in mind when they came up with that jem of an idea.

we like to have our IPOD and XM Radio in the car

I love the iPod jack in our Accord.

I love my Pacifica even if it doesn't have too many bells and whistles..but I wouldn't mind it it had a cool navigation system or a wi-fi!



I love my heated seats! So nice in the winter!

I'm SUCH a fan of heated seats...I need my butt to be warm!

Heated seats, GPS and satellite radio would make life in the carpool lane so much easier!

I love the buttwarmers in my car but I think a built-in GPS and iPod dock would be pretty sweet, too. Oh, and hybrid fuel cells would be nice.

Great review, you are so lucky to get this experience. I'm jealous :) I love all the features in this car, especially the panoramic roof. I have a F-150 truck and the best feature about mine are the electric windows. I have been looking into the crossover vehicles and this one is great. Thanks for sharing you insight and thanks for the chance to win.

I'd love to have the tv in the car for long trips

the reverse camera is great!

I like the seat warmers and 6 disc CD player

I look for power windows/locks and keyless entry

mjharvey26 at yahoo dot com



My dream car would definitley have seat warmers. And a sun roof.

Me? I'd like to have a rear view camera...i am so paranoid about backing over a little person...EEEEK...can't even think about it.

my dream car would have heated seats, fridge, awesome stereo system, rear camera, and gps. The Lincoln looks awesome. Thanks for the chance to win.

prpldy (at) comcast dot net


prpldy (at) comcast dot net

hands down my seat warmer - a small feature becomes a big deal during the cold winter months :)



I like the folding mirrors on the side of my Tahoe. Comes in handy in a tight parking spot and coming into my tiny garage

I look for good gas milage, good visibility (nothing more annoying than that poorly located blindspot)

zelpuz77 at yahoo dot com

I look for plenty of room for people in the back seats and good visibility :)

I look for many things - mpg, crash test ratings, sun roof, heated seats, good visibility, roomy back seats for the kids/family, and pretty color

great gas mileage!

I have been dreaming about heated leather seats? But cooled seats? That is awesome! I would love that! I am pretty sure this is my dream car!!!!

I love the Sync system in my Ford Focus, even though I feel a little stupid talking to a computer while I'm driving. :)

It's been a long time since I've looked for a new car. My next one will have- more room, GPS, DVD, and storage space.

Love my heated seats, and #1 best feature in dream car - drink holders that hold drinks and don't let them fall over.

I dream of the day I can plug my iPod directly into my car's speakers. (I'm currently using fancy tape deck converter technology - So sad.)

GPS and Keyless Entry are must haves for me!!!

automatic locks


my car is very old so the techology is limited to power windows, power seats, and a cassette deck

I twittered about this giveaway and here is the link:

Although, I am not a big Lincoln fan, I like the sleek look of this car a lot more.

Nice review - thanks for the chance!

I have a low end car with no tech features and to be honest other than electric windows and rear window defrost and a CD player. I really don't care for much more than that.. and a CD player that plays MP3s


My current car is pretty bare bones and doesn't have many technological features. My dream car would have the back up camera, since I've backed into a few things.

the lincoln is cool and so is the options in the sunroof and the place to put the ipod plus it is just a plain out cool looking car

I know it's nothing special, but I really love having a key fob to open my locks, windows, and trunk. It makes things much easier when I'm out with my toddler.

I tweeted

Oh how lovely it would be to have a car with all those features! I'm beyond thrilled with the extra money spent on the dvd system almost 8 years ago--now it's so small compared to what's available now. I'd love a big screen tv, soundproofing with the kids, the integrated cooler, an integrated trash compactor and everyone's own private little holder for their DS, their drinks and any other "MINE" stuff.

In my next car I want built in GPS and built in DVD players!

My favorite feature? I love being able to lock and unlock my car doors remotely, rather than fumble with a key. I do wish I had a button I could push to pop the trunk open though!

I tweeted:

That GPS rocks! I would be in cool parent dreamland.