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Printakid - Personalized Stories for Children

school_book_large.jpgThe Parent Bloggers Network recently offered me the chance to have a personalized book made from Printakid. Since my kids, like most children, love anything that has their name on it, I was delighted to participate in this tour.

My youngest has an unusual name that you don't find on mini-license plates or pencils. This has made her wild with desire for personalized things. I'll admit, this is an unanticipated side effect of non-top-100 names, but there it is. You give my kid anything with her name written on it with a Sharpie, and she's in rapture.

Imagine her thrill when we received her brand new copy of "Laughing All the Way to School" - one of the many personalized stories for children that Printakid offers. We selected it because, in addition to her own name, she's all about school these days.

Printakid's website allows you to preview the books, and to my surprise, not only is your child's name included (plus the names of friends and siblings, in this title) but the artwork is customized to resemble your child as well. The customization options are quick and easy, and the resulting book is a professionally bound hard-bound book with full color illustrations and crisp text.

My one critique of this story is that, well, it's kind-of a weird story. People turning into animals and the school overrun, until the star of the story figures out that laughter will save the day. It reads like a storyline from Cirque Du Soleil. Not the best children's story I've ever read - but with an illustration that looks like my kid, and her name throughout, she didn't find anything amiss. And hey, if she's happy, I'm happy.

If you are looking for a wonderfully easy and thoughtful gift for your little one, Printakid has a bunch of different options. You can check them out at the Printakid website.

For more reviews from Parent Bloggers Network bloggers - check out the roundup of the tour in progress.


I had the same experience with those like you (only from a different website). My youngest loves everything that has his name on it (Marc) - even it's the only thing he can read (3rd birthday coming up)
They're really funny that way, don't you think? :)