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JumpStart World - 2nd Grade

jumpstartworld.jpgFrom my children's youngest days, they have been active users of our family computer. We've tried many different software packages for children, and I've got to say - we're all big fans of the JumpStart series.

When The Parent Bloggers Network offered us the chance to review the new JumpStart World - 2nd Grade program, I was thrilled. My son is a newly minted second-grader, and I was eager to see how the learning activities matched up with his school studies so far.

My review for this was due on Wednesday - and honestly, it is late because I couldn't get my kid to stop playing this game long enough for me to review it! He absolutely loves it, and as always, I'm impressed with the savvy approach that JumpStart uses to keep kids engaged.

Like earlier JumpStart titles, JumpStart World is easy for kids to navigate, and help is always available during any activity. The animation and music is not jarring, and the character voices don't have that cartoonish quality that grates on me.

The game begins with basic skills and builds on at your child's pace, seamlessly adding variations on skills and using clever games to introduce new concepts. I particularly appreciate the positive reinforcement at all levels of the game. Mastery is rewarded, and mistakes are greeted with a verbal reminder about the concept that is being explored.

Both my son and I really liked the variety of games, and the multiple ways information is presented. Numeric equations, bar graphs and written words are all part of my son's math curriculum at school, and they are all featured here as well, in a fun and pressure-free environment.

JumpStart World
is great for kids who are information snackers - rather than forcing kids to stay on a particular subject, jumping around to different activities is fun and easy.

As with the other JumpStart products we've tried, the parent reports are a great way to track your child's progress, and to see what concepts they've already mastered. I was impressed with the comprehensive information, and look forward to seeing how he progresses.

One of the other really novel ideas about JumpStart World is how it can grow with your child. The game comes with two Adventure Packs, and you can subscribe to the JumpStartWorld site, and you'll receive a new Adventure Pack with more games and skills each month - for a total of 12 Adventure Packs per grade. Unlike typical educational software that is quickly mastered and outgrown, this allows the product to stay current with your child's development.

You can read more from the other reviewers at Parent Bloggers Network - and you can visit the JumpStartWorld Website to learn more about the game.