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RYKA - MC2 Run Running Shoes

Oh, Parent Bloggers Network - you know me so well. All it took was the words "free running shoes" and I was jumping up and down and saying "Me! Me! Me!"

That was about six weeks ago... and for the last month, I've been prancing around town in my pair of RYKA MC2 Run shoes. Prancing, I tell you.

I should back up a bit, and explain about my feet. You see, I have what I affectionately refer to as "Tree Climbing Feet" - wide across the balls of the feet and narrow at the heel. Add to that really high arches, a tendency toward shin splints, grotesque swelling at random times and man, you are totally hot for me now, aren't you? Ahahahaha.

Yeah. Anyway, my feet suck. They make it really hard to find supportive shoes that don't either cause blisters, aggregate my splint-prone calves. After several aborted attempts at becoming a jogger, I finally found my 'thing' with indoor walking/jogging. I know, it isn't the same as running down a trail in a coordinated outfit (which RYKA also has! Really cute ones!) but I still need supportive, cushioned shoes to keep me going through a 65 minute walking/jogging intervals class. My last shoes felt great, but looked like orthopedic nightmares, and I resigned myself to looking like a Mom Who Wears Sensible, Ugly Footwear.

I put in my wishlist to RYKA, and when the box of shoes arrived, I almost did a back handspring*. Look! These shoes are so cool!

MC2 Run.jpg

They aren't just cool looking - no. These are performance shoes. From the very first workout, I noticed how much lighter these shoes were than my orthopedic monstrosities. With just the right amount of flex and plenty of cushioning at the heel and ball of the foot, I was surprised at how light these shoes felt. More importantly, the heel stayed put - no blisters! - and the roomy toe-box on the shoe accommodated my extra-wide monkey toes with no crunching or compressing.

Not only fantastic for working out - the MC2 Run was a comfortable, good-looking addition to my wardrobe. I actually got compliments on my sneakers for the first time in, like, ever. They have become my go-to choice on a daily basis. I'm looking forward to checking out some of the other shoes in the lineup - it appears that they have something for every foot out there. They've even got a handy way to check out what type of foot you have (something I ended up doing at a specialist shoe store months ago - where were you then, Ryka?) and a great quiz to help determine the best shoe for you.

To check out what the other Parent Bloggers Network bloggers had to say, check out the roundup. To find out more about Ryka products, you can visit their website - they are giving away shoes and clothes!

* I say almost, because no way no how am I doing a back-handspring. No. Not even if you beg.


I'm on my 3rd pair of Ryka shoes. As long as they're around, I don't think I'll buy anything else! When I first put on that new pair, I swear I can hear my feet sing.

It really appears that they have something for every foot out there...the cushioned shoes are always best for running..You can also find tips for beginner runners in excellent shoes(