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Get A Hobby!

Today is my stop on the Parent Bloggers Network blog tour for Tina Barseghian's fantastic Get a Hobby! I'm giving a shout-out to my girls over at PBN, because we've been reviewing some awesome books lately, and this latest addition is no exception. I expected a dry listing of possible time-wasters when I saw the title in an email. Boy, was I wrong.

Get a Hobby! kicks off with a no-pressure, humorous quiz to help uncover the traits that will help you choose a hobby. Once you've got your 'tags' to work with, you can start scanning though the pages, where Barseghian presents 101 different activities that can, according to the spine of the book, " your life."

With diversions ranging from the predictable - scrapbooking and model making - to the eyebrow raising hobbies of deep-frying and puppetry, Get a Hobby! takes a light-hearted approach while providing solid information on how to get started.

"Each hobby entry provides a playful mix of information: overviews, histories, and sample projects to hep you get your hobby on, plus profiles of dedicated hobbyists and resources that'll help take you to the next level."

My parents are working together at their home staging business, and with all the togetherness, they are making each other sort-of nuts. I'm going to be marching over to their house and placing this book on the coffee table. See, my sister and I have been suggesting different activities to both of them for years - ideas to get them out of the house and into their own little universe. They are both creative, but with different skills and motivations. Get a Hobby! is perfect for the semi-retired empty nester...but it is just as exciting to my kids. They've been gleefully flipping the pages and egging me on to set up Urban Animal Husbandry - My quiz revealed I would do well raising African Violets, not chickens.

There truly is something for everyone in this fun, inspiring book. Know someone who needs a boost? As the back cover notes:

Get a Hobby! might just be the inspiration you've been looking for.

To pick up a copy, click here!. To see what other Parent Bloggers are saying about Get a Hobby! - go visit PBN. Take a moment and leave a comment on this entry - PBN is giving away a copy of Get a Hobby! plus a $100 gift certificate. Go go go!


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