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Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid

When I found out that the Parent Bloggers Network had arranged with Saturn to let me drive a Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid for a week, I was excited. I practically tackled the delivery driver and wrestled the keys out of his hand.

I got myself under control for a minute until they drove off in another sweet looking Saturn (which I would like to try out as well *wink, wink*) and then I grabbed the booster seat from my van and whistled for my daughter. We leaped into the Vue and after I buckled her in, we wheeled out of the driveway and down the road.

"Mommy, this is a rockin' new car!" enthused my four-year-old.
"Woo!" I replied.
"Wooooo!" She added.
"Woo-hoooooo!" I finished, with a rather cheesy raised fist. Then I honked the horn twice.

That right there is an accurate picture of how the rest of the week went. Lots of "wooooo!" Our instructions were to test out the Vue in real-world, real-family conditions. Aside from the one day that I allowed my husband to drive the Saturn to work - where he showed all of his co-workers and took clients to lunch in it - I used it for five school drop-offs, four pick-ups (where I made my friend Ren, who is an actual adult-sized person, check the leg and head room - he approves!) two Target runs, a grocery store trip, and lots of other running around town just for the "woooo!" of it. Through it all, the Vue was a dream - plenty of space for wiggly kids, lots of cargo space. Perfect for a family like mine.

Vue Interior.jpg

When my oldest climbed into the Vue, her first words were:

"Mom! I know why they call this a Vue! It has the best view of any back seat I've ever ridden in!"

As much fun as I had, I would wager the kids had even more fun. They were thrilled at the ability to lower their windows and open their own doors, which my son cleverly discovered while we were driving at 35 miles per hour. After a swift talking-to about playing with the door handle, we engaged the child-locks on the doors, and we were back to cruising down the road. In fearful silence. Heh.

The Vue is fun to drive, responsive and dare I say, zippy. With its hybrid engine, emissions are reduced and gas mileage is increased, making Vue not only a fun car to drive, but a responsible one, as well. Judging from the interest at every stop light and parking lot, I would say that the Saturn Vue is one hot little number as well. Or maybe that was just me. (No, it was the Vue.)

Here's when I told my daughter that the Vue would be going back to Saturn tomorrow:


Thank you to Saturn and the Parent Bloggers Network for allowing us to borrow the Vue for a week. We had a blast!


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