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Cozi - Software for Busy Families

Today is the first stop on The Parent Bloggers Network's latest product tour for the fantastic new family management software, Cozi. As the chief appointment setter and keeper, tracker of all things schedule, as well as shopping master of the TKC universe, I spend a lot of time jotting things down. I scribble them on the calendar. I send myself emails. I write on scraps of paper. I'm pretty good about keeping myself straight, but the rest of my family is in the dark much of the time. It can be exhausting to explain to your husband for the 17th time that no, he can't book a tee time for this weekend because you already have plans with friends. He should know this stuff...but how? Half the time, this information is scribbled in the margin of the magazine I was reading a week ago. It never made it onto the calendar...not that he's really good about checking that, either.

Enter Cozi. From a single intuitive command center screen, I can quickly enter the family's schedules, appointments and parties for the upcoming weeks. It took me five minutes to set up the kids' school hours, my husband's work schedule and evening appointments, a few social activities and holiday plans. Jumping down to the bottom of the same screen, I was able to enter our constantly updating list of grocery and household items that need to be replaced.

Because, oh, how the grocery lists fry me. I make them and shop to them, but it is that midweek out of milk and that one thing you can't remember trip that always kills me. I spend $20 on miscellaneous crap that has nothing to do with the lightbulbs that were the only other item I needed. Even worse is asking my husband to stop on the way to pick up a few items. He'll get to the store and call me, and if I'm busy, or scattered, we always end up with that one crucial thing missing.

But! Get this! I programmed Cozi's toll-free number into each of our cell phones, and then gave it a call from the aisle of our local grocery store. Cozi read me my grocery list (because I don't have text messaging - that is another option...makes me ponder texting, to be honest) right there in produce. I thought I had everything, and yet I had missed several items. Have a few kids, lose a few brain cells, no worries. You've got Cozi to remember that you are out of laundry soap.

My husband has been able to check the time and location of a dinner meeting via his phone, and we've been playing around with adding family photos to create a custom collage screensaver. You can also send email or phone messages quickly from the same screen.

Cozi is simple, effective and free. Free, free free free free. Which rocks. GIve it a shot, and see if your family doesn't think you're a scheduling genius.


Cozi rocks. I love online calendars, like Google Calendar or 30Boxes, so that hubby and I can check calendars at home and at work, without carrying around PDA's. But the unique thing about Cozi's online calendar is that you can schedule multiple people for the same event. Easy to see that Parent #1 is taking Kid #2 to soccer on Tuesday, but there's no parent yet assigned to Kid #1's girl scout event. Genius!