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BrainQuest DVD Game

Today is TKC Auditions stop on the Parent Bloggers Network tour for Brighter Minds Media's new Brain Quest DVD game.

When I first accepted this product for review, I thought it would be a computer game. Which is cool, because my kids are starting to really enjoy using the computer. When I received it, I realized that this is actually a DVD that plays on the television, using the remote as the controller. This thrilled me to no end, because as a blogging mom, it can be really annoying to jockey for time on the computer with your offspring.

I grabbed the kids and settled my six-year-old and eight-year-old on the couch with the remote. After a round of rock - paper - scissors to determine control of the remote, I fired up the disk. Within moments, the kids had figured out the controls and were wizzing along through the questions.

We found this game had the perfect balance of easier questions and tougher subjects - they were challenged but not frustrated. I especially appreciated the lack of dramatic sound effects when a child failed to answer correctly. I wandered away to assist my youngest with a project, but stayed in earshot of the game in progress. My kids were working as a team, high-fiving and occasionally reasoning out answers before selecting an on-screen choice. They played for 45 minutes, with nary a fight. Somebody call Guinness - I think we have a new record.

Best of all, the kids have been regurgitating factoids, and quizzing each other and their friends. Brain Quest certainly sparked their interest and has encouraged them to learn more. The accompanying little flip book Q&A has been a lot of fun in the car, with the kids taking turns.

This is a really wonderful product - the kids love it, it is easy to use, and perfectly geared for ages 6-8. I highly recommend this game.

For more reviews, check out my fellow reviewers over at The Parent Bloggers Network. To purchase Brain Quest, visit Brighter Minds Media, or click here.