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Super Mom Saves The World - And Wins My Heart (Again)

Melanie Lynne Hauser won my heart with her charming blog Refrigerator Door long before I ever read her first novel, Confessions of Super Mom. Melanie is one of those truly funny people who you just want to lure to your living room with the promise of coffee and cookies and then never let her go. Er, I mean, listen to her spin one funny yarn after another.

The idea of a superhero mother isn't so far-fetched, but has the potential to be enormously corny. In Melanie's gifted hands, Birdie is a fully-dimensional character whose life is nothing short of... regular.

Super Mom Saves the World is a great novel built on the back of solid characters. There are flights of fancy throughout, but what I really enjoyed was Birdie's journey as a mother, friend, PTA rebel, lover and ex-wife. Despite the levity, Melanie manages to sneak in some emotion-packed wallops. I won't go into the story, so I don't give away any of the charming and surprising elements by accident. But I will encourage you to pick up a copy of Super Mom Saves the World for yourself (and your whole book club, and your mama, and your neighbor.)

And then go tell Melanie that you love her!


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