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March 23, 2007

Super Mom Saves The World - And Wins My Heart (Again)

Melanie Lynne Hauser won my heart with her charming blog Refrigerator Door long before I ever read her first novel, Confessions of Super Mom. Melanie is one of those truly funny people who you just want to lure to your living room with the promise of coffee and cookies and then never let her go. Er, I mean, listen to her spin one funny yarn after another.

The idea of a superhero mother isn't so far-fetched, but has the potential to be enormously corny. In Melanie's gifted hands, Birdie is a fully-dimensional character whose life is nothing short of... regular.

Super Mom Saves the World is a great novel built on the back of solid characters. There are flights of fancy throughout, but what I really enjoyed was Birdie's journey as a mother, friend, PTA rebel, lover and ex-wife. Despite the levity, Melanie manages to sneak in some emotion-packed wallops. I won't go into the story, so I don't give away any of the charming and surprising elements by accident. But I will encourage you to pick up a copy of Super Mom Saves the World for yourself (and your whole book club, and your mama, and your neighbor.)

And then go tell Melanie that you love her!

March 22, 2007

Blink Products - Mom's Car Solutions

You can thank the gals over at The Parent Bloggers Network for turning me into a car-cleaning Quick Draw McGraw, because today is TKC Auditions' stop on the tour for Blink Products, billed as Mom's Car Solutions.

If you've ever read my 100 things, you'll know I'm a sucker for a bunch of cleaning products. They make me very, very happy. Receiving a box of color coded, compact boxes with built-in hangers on the back was orgasmic. My 100 things also notes that my car is silver because it shows less dirt. On the outside. The inside is usually a wreck, too. Snacks eaten as we run between school and activities, sand and dirt and colored markers have all played their part in befouling my minivan's interior.

Don't even get me started on the time someone dropped a little plastic package of barbecue sauce and then stepped on it, spraying four seats and the center console with reddish brown sauce. We were miles from home, and I had to try to remedy the situation with a disposable diaper and saliva. Just think how my life would have been improved if I had a little packet of wet wipes designed for just this purpose, clipped somewhere useful? Could you just die? How perfect would that have been?

I'll admit, I sort of scoffed at the whole Mom's Car business. But really, when you think about transporting little messy monkeys, who else but a mom is going to appreciate the genius of these fun little weapons of car cleanliness. Just clipping these products onto my driver's side door compartment makes me feel like yelling:

"Bring it on, kids! I can wipe all the evidence away!" Maybe they could design a sister-line for Blink for criminals.


There are five products in the line. Little adorable mesh bags to capture clutter (awesome) and a set of 40 drawstring trash bags (who knew how useful these could be? I mean, seriously?) plus wet wipes designed for upholstery and carpeting stains, super-absorbant dry wipes for spills (save those disposable diapers for the baby!) and my personal favorite - the fingerprint/glass cleaning spritzer with little wipes tucked right next to the spray nozzle. Hello! It is adorable and really quite effective.

These products will be available soon at major retailers. You gotta check them out.

Be sure to pop over to Blink's site to get the skinny, and check out what the rest of the Parent Bloggers have to say about my favorite new Mommy's Little Helpers.

March 5, 2007

CleanWell Alcohol Free Sanitizing Wipes

Today is Three Kid Circus Auditions' stop on the Parent Bloggers Network tour for CleanWell Natural Hand Sanitizer.

As a new mom, I developed a strange and powerful love affair with those little bottles of hand sanitizer. The big bad world was swimming in germs, and I wanted to protect my children, as well as myself, from the sickness-du-jour. The problem, of course, was the harsh alcohol used in these gels. My hands were getting chapped and irritated. Add to that the fact that the smell just about knocked me over, and my babies were thumb and finger suckers... I just didn't want any possibility that they would ingest some of these powerful chemicals.

It has been a rocky road with the old sanitizers. I love the ease and convenience, but not the product themselves.

Enter CleanWell. These folks have developed a substance called Ingenium that kills 99.99% of germs naturally. I was quite excited to test out their liquid and wipes. First of all, my children are the grubbiest little monsters anyway, and with winter (and all the resultant body fluid expulsion) in full swing, I'm more than eager to get to killin' germs. And if I can kill with all natural, alcohol-free and hypoallergenic ingredients, then so much the better.

After the initial burst of scent, the intensity fades quickly. Both the towelettes and the gel glide smoothly over skin, without drying or stinging. In fact, it has a slightly moisturizing effect, which is really nice.

Apparently, there has been quite a bit of press about the harmful side effects of alcohol-based sanitizers, and the potential danger to kids. I can't speak to those dangers, except from my own neurotic worries.

I can tell you that I will be carrying CleanWell towelettes in my purse from now on.

Check out the reviews of my fellow Parent Bloggers, too.