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Heading Down The Chimney This Christmas

Have you seen this thing?
Seriously, probably the stupidest toy ever. And yet, my girls are ga-ga over it. We've played with Target's display version of it a few times, and both girls profess undying love for Butterscotch, and are planning on asking Santa to slip one under the tree.

I ordered one. It will be here next week, and I will be trying to find a place to stash it away from the x-ray vision of my oldest. When I clicked over to Amazon to check the size of the carton, my eyes fell on these little informational tidbit:

* Furreal Friends Butterscotch Pony. Every girls dream of having her very own Pony... and now that dream can come true!
* This amazing animatronic Pony moves head and ears, and blinks its eyes! This fantastic creature responds to touch and voice, 'eats' a carrot, and makes real pony sounds.
* The FurReal Friends Butterscotch Pony comes with carrot and brush. Requires 6 'D' batteries, not included.
* Adults take note: Pony comes unassembled in box with head detatched.
* You may wish to not open the box around your children if they may be frightened by a box with a decapitated horse inside.

I want to make out with whoever wrote those last two bullet items, because that made my day. Imagine the parents who score a black-market Butterscotch on eBay at the last minute, and, lacking time to assemble it, slip a wrapped box under the tree...little Susie is in for a shock when she discovers that her box contains a decapitated horse! Aiiieee!

NaBloPoMo - Day 18


"Now Susie, if I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times... you don't mess with the family. This is what happens."

The boys and I were at Target on Friday night and there was a whole gaggle of kids gathered around one of those horses. I have to admit, I picked up the carrot and pretended to feed the horse, just to see it blink its long eyelashes at me. But how the heck many batteries does it take? Can you imagine changing 15 D-cell batteries every month?

That is insane, and yet, it likely doesn't have an Elmo voice. Thumbs up for comedic effort on the manufacturer's part too. That last point really cracked me up!

I can't stop laughing! OMG.

I was going to say what my kids would be doing with the carrot, but the instructions are funnier.

Totally made my morning.

ROTFL at the last warning... it REALLY says that? Too funny.

Love it.

I work at WallyMart and I tell you the display we have of Butterscotch has drawn more attention than anything else I've seen in the two years I've worked there. Kids knee-biter size stand and stare in total awe. Kids hip-hugger size can't stop petting and feeding it. Adults and Second-childhood adults coo and touch. One lady took photos on her cell phone.

And I'll admit it- one of the first things I do when I get in (I'm the Toy department manager Yay me!) is go over and make sure the pony is on. Not playing...product testing. Yeah, that's it. Product testing.

Didn't know about the headless thing though. Cracked me up!! Gotta tell the others at work about that!

lol. we rigged up some rabbit ears and watched sat am cartoons and saw the commercial. Adam and I wondered who would buy that....

you are way too cool of a mom. we will be visiting.

I just laugh-shrieked really loudly and my cube neighbors think I have tourret's.

It was the last 2 bullet points. OMG. How much is that thing.

My brother would love this blog post. heh