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Mother Talk Blog Tour - Sleep Solutions for your baby, toddler and preschooler

Ann Douglas has a sterling reputation as the author of The Mother of All Pregnancy Books. I've long admired her blog, but haven't had the opportunity to actually read one of her books - until now. Three Kid Circus is one of the stops on the latest Mother Talk Blog Tour for Ann's newest book - Sleep Solutions for your baby, toddler and preschooler.

I yanked the book out of the shipping box the moment it arrived, and did what I always do with this sort of book - flipped directly to the resource section in the back. I wanted to see if there was a quick reference guide, a place to jump right in and start solving. Us sleep deprived mamas don't always want to read through the entire book to find that one nugget of wisdom that might help, you know.

Sleep Solutions doesn't disappoint. Right off the bat, I loved the comprehensive index, and the fantastic, no-bull approach to navigating. Ann provides clean, simple charts that compile sleep solutions, and address possible reasons for sleep disruption, providing simple explanations on appropriate actions for the different age groups she addresses. Ann gives helpful summaries of challenges and methods, and provides the location of additional information within Sleep Solutions.

Satisfied with the ease of getting directly to the advice, I turned to the first chapter. Ann is friendly, engaging and real, and her advice and information feels like it is coming from a friend, not an expert.

...I'm not going to do a guilt number on you in this book. Your sleep choices are your own sleep choices. Enough said. It's my job to provide you with the most accurate, unbiased information I can and to present it in a non-bossy way.

On the bottom of page 5, there is a section called The Sleep Deprived Parent's Quick Guide to This Book
which, when you turn the page, leads to another brilliant chart that tells you how to quickly find the information you need for your particular situation.


Sleep Solutions is a quick, entertaining read, full of real-life questions and answers from Ann's extensive research and interviews. I was tickled to read quotes from blogging mothers. Most of all, I appreciated the even-handed, unbiaised approach, presented in a way that even the most sleep-deprived of parents could easily find ideas and form a plan of action.

Even as an eight year veteran of the Sleep Wars, there was new, reassuring information in here for me. I particularly enjoyed the relaxation techniques for preschoolers. We've already put the "sound of silence" into action, and it is working like a charm!

For more on Ann's fantastic library of pregnancy and parenting books, visit The Mother of All Blogs. To see what the other Mother Talk bloggers think of Sleep Solutions, check this out.


psst. I will send you shoes for a book..

I look forward to the day that I sleep soundly. I don't think it will be anytime soon, however. And that's okay!

Wow, people are so desperate for sleep, they're even willing to give away their shoes. And I thought I'd done my homework on this issue. I am humbled.... Thanks for taking the time to read and blog about my book, Jenny. I really appreciate it.