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Can Be Fun

I've been battling lousy manners and bad attitudes around here for the last, like, forever, which sucks. Granted, I'm not the best of role models, so there's that. But still.

I've enlisted the help of author Munro Leaf in my attempt to march my little monsters down the righteous side of the street. I love these books, and I seriously can't stop laughing about them. These books don't mince words, and the bluntness is shocking in this day and age, but it strikes a chord with my kids. They get it.

Safety can be fun (out of print) - featuring kids being ridiculed for putting plastic bags on head and playing with fireworks, among other, slightly less dramatic safety violations.

Manners can be fun - "The Noiseys - They shout and scream and yell until I can't even think. They make so much noise they make me tired." Amen, Munro. Amen.

And of course, How to behave and why - which explains that you have to be honest, you have to be fair, you have to be strong, you have to be wise. Or else. Stupid Nitwit.


Hmmmm, may be a good idea for me and mine, also. Had to try to explain today that 'excuse me' is a little more appropriate than 'out of the way, coming through!!'.
Can't imagine where he has heard that....ha!