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I've Got Choo Choo Soul, Whether I Want It Or Not.

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I've written about my love for children's music. I know that there are a lot of parents out there who prefer to introduce their children to their own favorites, bypassing any albums written specifically for children. I am just a sucker for catchy melodies, simple lyrics with a simple message, and the expectation that you will be singing along, probably off-key.

My own childhood memories are peppered with family sing-alongs in the car to campfire favorites and classic American folk music. We listened to the Sesame Street album and the hokey holiday favorites on vinyl. Peter, Paul and Mommy remains one of my favorite albums.

My own kids love "their" music - from the lullabies I play while they were still in the womb, to the latest thing on Noggin or The Disney Channel, they absorb it. From Hi-5 to Raffi, Laurie Berkner to Dan Zanes, Themes from children's television and classics from old movies - we've listened to it all.

The latest obsession is Disney's Choo Choo Soul - featuring a woman named Genevieve. She sings. On a train. With big hoop earrings. It's insanely catchy, and I'm walking around the house going "Chugga chugga pisssssh chugga chugga aaaaah." Trust me. Go watch this and see if you can avoid the tractor beam.

Another favorite soundtrack of my day are the great music videos from the Jack's Big Music Show on They just load up, one after another, and the kids dance and sing along in the kitchen while I load the dishes in the dishwasher.

I'd like to pretend that we are just listening to all this stuff for the kids - OH! For The Kids and For The Kids, Too are both fantastic kids' albums. And I hear that Meredith Brooks is putting out a children's album, too. I'm putting that one on my must-have list.

The other favorite right now is Sandra Boyton's Dog Train book and CD. That right there is some great, great stuff. Seriously, get your kids a copy of that one, and you'll find yourself nodding along with lyrics such as

"I need a nap, I just can't take any more..." and the ever popular "No, no, no, I don't want to, no, no. Leave me alone."

It is so spot on and hilarious, and performed by some great artists. Sweetney, Mina must have this.

And I apologize to all of you who will now be chugga chugga aaaahing with me.


A children's music aficionado? I've been looking for some children's CDs for my two-year-old daughter and am curious if you have any recommendations?!

We have all of Sandra Boynton's cd's (there are three: Dog Train, Philadelphia Chickens and Rhinoceros Tap. They are all fantastic!!! Kevin Bacon sings on a couple songs on Dog Train and Philadelphia Chickens. And of course you know of the duet with Wierd Al and Kate Winslet on Dog Train. Just between you and me, there have been many a time I realized that I was still listening (and singing along with) Philadelphia Chickens long after I had dropped Jed off at pre-school. If you love Dog Train I highly recommend picking up the other too (esp. Chickens).

I ditto the thumbs up for the Dog Train CD/book. My girl just keeps begging for more "bluesey Dog Train" (performed by Blues Traveler) and likes to look at the picture of The Bacon Brothers because I said Kevin was hot. Hot & talented!

My kids listen to all these, and more, but what is funny to me is that this post immediately brought back memories of my Micky Mouse Disco album back in the 70s.

Macho, macho Duck.....

i can't help but love sandra boynton. "hippos go berzerk!" is one of my favorite books to read to mina. thanks for the recommendation!

oooo...I so wanna be Laurie Berkner when I grow up. And the Sandra Boynton albums are fantastic. We've been listening to Rhinoceros Tap for years.

I'm also a big fan of the Dirty Sock Fun Time band and not just because the singer is kind of hot. Really!

Thanks for the tips! I'm gonna have to check them all out. I first heard of Laurie Berkner here, and Bobbin loves it. Especially the DVD. She likes to dance along. My personal favourite from growing up are Sharon Lois and Bram. They're a classic. At least in Canada, where I'm from :-) Nothing beats a good rousing rendition of "One Elephant, Deux Elephants" followed by "Skinamarinky Dinky Dink", in my books! I bought Bobbin a couple of their "greatest hits" cd and we listen to them all the time. Other reason why I love them: Each one has at least 30 songs on it, and lasts an hour. Great for travelling. And Totally awesome for singing along to. Off or on key!

I so love the Choo Choo soul. I was bouncing around the room with my one and three year old. I think I was getting into it more, and the landscapers mowing the lawn were looking in giving me funny looks. Hmmm...

Two words. PHILADELPHIA CHICKENS!!! (Also, if I'm not mistaken, by Sandra Boynton).

I work as a nanny and Choo Choo Soul is just about the only thing on kids TV that I can tolerate. I find myself going around singing it long after it's over!

What's wrong with my children? All they want to listen to is Green Day, the Ramones and Johnny Cash...and they're 3 and 6.

HOLY CRAP! I love LOVE LOVE Choo-choo Soul! Many a toddler dance party we've had this week! Yay Geneivive and the kickin' train engineer!

Your playlist nearly matches mine, guilty pleasures and all... Still, have you tried Justin Roberts? His Not Naptime CD is ALL the rage at my house. He has the best voice and hysterical lyrics. My 3 year old makes me put D-O-G on repeat, like a MILLION times.

We are looking to buy the Choo Choo Soul on DVD. HELP!!! My daughter & I are hooked. I am also "choo choo ahhh" all day long! Great beats!

Oh my goodness! My two year old LOVES Choo Choo Soul! I finally was able to Tivo a snipit and he keeps handing me the remote so he can watch it over and over and over...and I have to say that I am hooked myself! If anyone knows when and how to get it on DVD...please let us know!

where can i buy the CD's?

The Choo-Choo Soul is GREAT!Genevieve does a great job working with the kids.My son mikey loves to watch and listen to her.She has helped him learn things on her Choo-Choo Soul.She's REALLY GOOD.

I looked everywhere for a Choo Choo Soul CD. Since Disney bought them, you couldn't buy the CD anymore on CDBaby. Finally, just last month, itunes released it. My kids and I LOVE it. SO FUN!!

My whole family loves Choo-Choo Soul. I have been looking for the CD or DVD. If anyones knows where to get it, please e-mail me (or make comments as to how and where on this site. I know you can download the songs at ; however, I would like the DVD.