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He's Got Choo Choo Soul, Too.

Because, I don't know, sometimes I just need to show how this particular acorn is directly under my tree. This is how we do it, Three Kid Circus-style.

Rocking Out to Choo Choo Soul on Vimeo


My, he has great rhythm! That looks like a riot! Michele sent me today. Hope you're having a great day!

okay, he's adorable and he has some FIERCE dance moves.

That kid of yours is wicked awesome.

That's awesome! I love the music too.

omg, he's adorable, and what a great sense of rhythm!

I need to set up our mini-trampoline too, it's a great workout for the kids

That is so much fun! And reminds me, I want to get me one of those little trampolines to help wear the kids out when we are stuck inside!

He got rhythm, moves and the shakes. Sign him up for "America got talent"! I love the tongue thingy at the end.

Oh my, you were right, that song IS addictive! *laugh* He has great rythym and moves. It makes me happy to know mine aren't the only kids on the blogosphere who do pseudo-break dancing. *chuckle* Thanks for sharing the joy!

OK ... for some reason I can't find Choo-choo soul airing anywhere (not that I paid that close attention on when and where I saw it the first time).

I did a quick search on Amazon w/ no luck. Sugestions, anyone?

And, really, damn, that boy's got rhythm. And he's big. I guess they really do grow up, huh?

Great post, Jenny!

I am beginning to think you are my long lost sister - perkier than I, perhaps, with a better sense of humor, but otherwise coping with the same stuff of life. Your blog has been my saving grace today - hallelujah!! I desperately needed a few laughs.

PS - my Jacob, 4.5, sat watching this video with rapt attention. Too funny!

Wow! That boy has mad skillz! What rhythm!

My husband works for the company that animates the show. They are currently working on six more shorts and if it goes well Disney is going to make it into a regular show. So email disney playhouse and let them know you like it!

Oh god so funny!!!

I was actually searching for (shhh, please don't laugh) info on the conductor for this show and I found your video. I have a 4 year old who loves to interpretive dance his ass off to Choo Choo Soul too!

But really. The conductor is hot.

Hey girl,

This is genevieve from Choo choo Soul... I don't think I got a chance to comment on this but I do a search on google every so often on Choo Choo Soul to see if anyone is talking about it, etc. and I saw your video. this had actually been forwarded to me before and I always thought it was so cute! Thanks for posting and tell your little cutie pie thanks for rockin out to it!! That is totally what we had in mind!!

Take Care and Happy Holidays!!



Adorable video. I love it when kids can loose their inhabitions and just get down. Kudos to you young man.

Hey....I have GOT to know the name of the Conductor on Choo Choo Soul. From what I have been able to deduct, he goes by "DC" and came on board with Genevieve when they started the show. He is too cute, although I would like to see him have more of a part. Hopefully, he will be able to do so if they bring the series on as a regular show.

LOVE the songs, and my 18 month old daughter just loves to dance with the kids.

Great job!

My daughter loves Genevieve and her Choo Choo Soul Song. I am not allowed to dance to her songs when they come on. and Might I say that DC is very , very handsome, I see that some of the moms are doing research on DC for themselves instead of the kids. Genevieve keep up the great work, I just went and peeped your website, very nice and you are indeed a beautiful girl. lol

I have 2 girls, age 2 & almost 5. We all break out in song and dance EVERY time Choo Choo soul comes on. I must admit I probably get into it even more than they do. AND, I too was searching for DC's full name, and wondered if he had a myspace or something. WE LOVE CHOO CHOO SOUL & GEN & DC!