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Courtesy of iTunes

I don't know what got me started tonight, but I dropped twenty bucks on cheesy songs from the 80s and 90s on iTunes. I'm alone with the kids, because my husband has his once-in-a-blue-moon Saturday poker night, so I thought we should do some dancing.

I downloaded that "I like to move it" song first. We wore that one out pretty quickly. What followed was a cascade of hilarious (to me) song choices, ending with the Bonnie Tyler classic Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Most of my friends have some sort of benchmark reference with that song. For me, it was being a dorky sixth-grader, and going to school dances and watching all of the cool kids pair up and waddle like penguins while the rest of us wallflowers stood along the edges of the multipurpose room, mouthing all the words and swaying. We'd really emote along with Bonnie's two-pack-a-day vocals, and sometimes we'd get fancy and take turns singing back up, holding our plastic, purse-sized combs for microphones.

In any case, the breakdancers would take over the dance at some point, and the entire room would be full of spectators - but those slow dances always killed me. I was jealous of the girls who got asked to dance at the time. Now, I'm glad I took the time to really work on my lipsynching. If only I would have learned to breakdance, too.

After doing fake cheers to Toni Basil's Hey Mickey and teaching my kids the chorus to Bust a Move (I know, I know) and following up with a rousing rendition of Shake It from one-hit-wonder M.C. Shy-D. I busted the kids up proper with a lipsynched rendition of the Wonder Woman theme.

Inspiration struck as the kids and I started to wear down from our dance party. I got ready to do some Bonnie Tyler singalong, when my son pulled himself up straight, and blushing, asked me if I would dance with him.

I scooped him up in my arms, and we penguined our way around the living room to the gritty strains of Total Eclipse of the Heart - the only time I've actually danced with someone to that song. He nestled his nose into my neck, and we swayed awkwardly. As the song ended (finally, geez, my arms were getting tired. SEVEN MINUTES! Heaven to a horny seventh grader. Tough for a tired mommy...) I lowered him to the floor, and we both smiled.

It was worth the wait.


OH MY GOD - I LOVE these memories! I have practically all the same ones! Bonnie Tyler was my favorite, and that song could make me cry as a junior high girl! (Actually, I am not convinced that it would not have made me weep if I were to have attended your dance party tonight and heard it again.)

The songs you ordered from iTunes were well worth the money! I love, love, LOVE "Shake It!"

Great post. I love people who keep the '80's alive.

So funny..because I was thinking about downloading the I like to move it pathetic are we?

Have your kids asked what a libido is from the "Bust A Move?" song?

Every once in awhile I just go on a little iTunes spending spree. It's nice to be able to explore new artists and I've discovered a lot of new favorites. I've also gone back and gotten some of my most-listened to music from the day. I'm still buying CDs too. My rule is - if I really like the majority of the songs of the CD then go just go buy it. I just bought a Pat Benatar CD that I have in vinyl. Sometimes you can get deals on iTunes too. I downloads a transcriptions collection of a famous big band singer - Helen Forrest - it major retro and it was really inexpensive. I know it wouldn't have been that cheap if I bought it (and could even find it) on CD.

you are the kind of mother id like to be when i have kids.

That brought a tear to my eye. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful moment with us.

*sigh* I was so there in that wall-flower spot. How I freakin' hated the slow dance songs!!!!!!

Loved the part about you dancing with your son. I used to close the shades in my house so nobody outside could see, crank up the music, gather one or the other of my kids in my arms, and dance around the house with them. They thought I was nuts, but they liked it too! I don't think they remember it now, and I didn't remember it either till I read this. Thanks!

I was lipsynching with you! Hey Mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine...I'll spare you.

Sounded like a great time had by all!! The kids will absolutely cherish these moments with you when they grow up!!

How wonderful and touching that you finally got to slow-dance to "Total Eclipse" with a special young man in your life. * fluttery sigh *

I am SOOOOO downloading all those songs!!! Dance Party!!!

My cheese 80s mix has Adam Ant "Goody Two Shoes," and a truly embarassing number of Chicago and Lionel Richie songs.

Sadly, I can no longer sing the Diana Ross part in Endless Love. Now I have to be Lionel, and the DemiGoddesses sing Diana's part. It's pretty awesome, actually.

I'm so planning a trip over to iTunes as soon as may be. My list includes people such as the spice girls and is intended for "working out." Read this - dancing like a 7th grader in my living room. Such a cute image of you and your son.

You got me all weepy. I know, big challenge. I'm so glad I have a son and can look forward to those mommy/son moments. Now that I think about it, he's only a month old; think I'll turn on the 80's station and slow dance with him now.

What a great idea! We always dance to the ends of shows...but a dance party--now that's a great one! My mission before the holidays is to get the kids (4 and 2) to do the cha-cha-slide with me. But the slow dance for a cool-down..ah the change to dance with my son before he gets the mommy is yucky. Thanks.

My kids love to have dance parties too. They usually have to get out the pretty dress-up dresses (yes, my son too) and boogie with me to any "oldies" from the 50s to those oh-so-cheesy 80s songs that I just love!

Love that you slow-danced to Total Eclipse of the Heart with your son. Sweet.

bonnie tyler is my fav singer i like her ans all 80s and 70s stuff she has a fantastic voice . hope one day to seee her in concert